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Gonna be linking some of my households from the sims gallery – you basically have to sign in on their main page( you know, your EA/ORIGIN ID) and then click on the links i provide for some of my households. the computer i used to play the sims 4 on has died and i haven’t played in a while, 2 months now, heck most of my MMO accounts are gonna get decked because just as MY LUCK IS, when my rig died, buncha transfers between devs happened and characters in certain games are gonna get obliterated. sigh, bad feels, kinda like playstation home goin away.  :( The tags I use for The Sims Gallery are #Aomi #AomiArmster or…. #Mpreg and HECK my ID is AomiArmster on there, so when browsing it is good to know.
Annnnyhooo, these are the households:

1. This household is full of Aomi from ACNL and TSS: Sims based on those avatars from those games.
2. This is a ghost family of sorts.
3. Male Aomi here is knocked up. Blame Sam.
4. Two Half-Aliens that are up to no good. Cyan mayhem. Their fault.
5. Aomi might be a lumberjack. NO ONE KNOWS WHY.
6. You want a pregnant alien ghost?
7. Aomi as a Chiss.
8. Here is a household full of belligerent teenagers. Maybe.
9. A bunch of clowns to ruin your day.
10. Grim Reaper is surrounded by idiots.
11. This Household is a Pastel Nightmare
12. Aomi Blue – so much blue, we’re all doomed.
13. Grim Reaper and his only surviving child.
15. Ah, Redmoore. Happy. Happy couple. I think.
16. Fanatic RED & WHITE.
17. Rosia 9. SHE’S NOT PINK. YOU ARE!
  • Listening to: Silent Hill OSTs
  • Reading: how to make more alum crystals
  • Watching: Red vs Blue
  • Playing: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  • Eating: THESE AMAZING KOREAN SANDWICHES aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
  • Drinking: Coffee


"blocking is a bitch/coward move." :roll:
cry more you useless whore.
hey, some people don't want to respond to idiots. :shrug:
I add buddies to Miitomo via AomiArmster @ twitter. Aomi Mii sure adores the company.
the reality of mortality is weighing heavily on me in turn causing anxiety and mayhem to mangle my mind and thoughts. woe. how i hope for a no fucks given set of mind but alas, I HAVE FEEELINGS. *hate such*




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wyreth Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
Merry christmahoniquanza Wifemonster.
wyreth Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
Iffen kittens ish now currency, then I will be of finding its easier to save monies. For I could never spends them... well maaaaybe on yous. *hands you kitten*

Husbando ish dead tired busy busy. Ish currently doings biggest show for the year. Wifemonster ish doing ok too?
wyreth Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
Ish moving to Sweden. 
AomiArmster Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
:0 O RLY?!?!?!
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Ish my plan for dealing wiph the coming apocalypse.... has to learn Swedish first tho.

Wanna comes wiph?
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