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Shadow Demon Stamp by AomiArmster Shadow Demon Stamp by AomiArmster
This is a Shadow Demon stamp. (not for the band) but for the type of demon. So if you like shadow demons or have one of your own this is for you.
This is a stamp for me because one of my favourite demons is a Shadow Demon called a Shekintari

My demon tag on tumblr: [link]
Shadow Entities.

What they possibly are:

1. they are demons / creatures from another dimension. there are undead types and ‘living types’
2. they are remnants of people or places that manifest/ ghost type / break offs from other entities.
3. they are made by emotions and thoughts / negative energies / memory residue /imprints.
4. omens, dark figured beings to hint/warn/show what is to come.

What they possibly do:

1. watch / explore / allow themselves to be seen and do not interact.
2. interact and cause terror when in the vicinity of animals / humans /electronics.
3. cause hallucinations and wide spread paranoia, insist on harm to self and others / feed on these feelings.
4. incredible need to warp reality, attract other entities to location to cause havoc.
5. watch / explore/ allow themselves to be seen and interact without hostility.
6 some feed on the fear/depression/anger of humans and other beings - sometimes cannibalize other shadow entities.
7. some appear/form in corners of vision / dark areas. some appear/form in broad daylight/ well lit areas.
8. tend to be accompanied by other negative energies, tend to consume other entities to sustain self.

It is suggested that these shadow entities are summoned through a lot of force, they are maintaining themselves through a lot of force, dispersing them and protecting self from them would occur through a lot of force. The key is projection.

They engage with what is given to them.
This isn't so much a stamp about Shadow People either...they don't behave like their demon cousins do, it is rare if they do--like become
aggressive and try to control those around it. Shadow Demons are considered "lesser" than other demon species, why this is, I can't say. I feel it
has more to do about ego than anything else. Shadow Demons are uncanny, they don't have set personalities, (although some consider them to be EVIL)
they make transitioning power easy, they make corruption easy(easy to be corrupted and to corrupt others), they are good catalysts in that regard.
if someone/something really knows what they're doing, they can make/use a Shadow Demon as a really good tool/weapon/armor
There are many kinds of shadow demons, they usually consist of a shadowy mass that can be violent on its own or
the other kind, the kind that need hosts so their actions could take physical form. It depends on the specific demon
as to how it can behave, it is said that if a shadow demon can take action in its true form that it is well enough powerful.
And when other kinds of demons possess something, the host usually tends to die. And when Shadow Demons go for it, the
results are less dramatic. Again, it depends on the demon.

Shadow Demons:
-they shapeshift
-they blend in the shadows/darkness
-they feed off light/darkness (see how big shadows get depending on where light is positioned?)
-make any kind of weapon (though part of their body)
-regrow limbs, etc
-some can get addicted to the emotions, flesh, blood of the living - as in they get high on these aspects.
-they can possess
-they take over a host to "blend in" (you know, to fit in, throw off suspicion?)
-they possess in order to learn that form and what the form knows--can be any living thing. animal, other demon, human, tree, etc.
-they are not "dead" or had died and risen, they are NOT ghosts. However, a shadow demon can be the residue of a greater demon
- they can also be in existence because of another's thought or will.(thats another kind of demon all together)
as for the whole good and evil thing about demons:

(dmn) also de·mon or dae·mon (dmn)
1. An inferior deity, such as a deified hero.
2. An attendant spirit; a genius.
3. in Ancient Greek, meant "spirit" or "higher self"

1. An evil supernatural being; a devil.
2. A persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: the demon of drug addiction.
3. One who is extremely zealous, skillful, or diligent: worked away like a demon; a real demon at math.
4. Variant of daimon.
5.adjective eydaimon "happy", properly meant one who was guided and guarded by a good demon.

and the "other side of the coin"

1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.
2. A representation of such a being, especially in Christianity, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings.
3. angels Christianity The last of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology. From the highest to the lowest in rank, the orders are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.
4. A guardian spirit or guiding influence.
a. A kind and lovable person.
b. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
6. Informal A financial backer of an enterprise, especially a dramatic production or a political campaign.
so if an angel can suddenly go insane-selfish-really-"evil" (we know they can)
why can't a demon mind their own business, not harm others, be nice? etc
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*gets as close to the screen as humanly possible* I love this! Must use!
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Thank you so much for this! Shadow demons need more loves :)
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I take the quiz of what kind of demon are you in facebook it says shadow demon
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i actually have a character who is a shadow demon, however he is constantly controlling that part of him, in an attempt to be good instead of evil...
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