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demon: birth.death.rebirth. by AomiArmster demon: birth.death.rebirth. by AomiArmster
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Q: Why does Aomi shapeshift?
A: Aomi is a type of shapeshifting/shadow demon called a Shekintari.
The kind that are from shadow realms(altered realities/demon dimensions), necropolic in nature(function fully after death). Aomi shapeshifts in order to survive/learn and sometimes empower herself.

Q: Why doesn't Aomi stay in "shadow" form? Why does she have that catgirl/foxgirl form?
A: Aomi was BORN into that form. A rarity, her species usually isn't "born".

Most of her kind just take over as hostile hosts. She could've been born an elf and the same situation would exist. She can only wander about in "shadow" form for a limited of time before being summoned back to the plane she spawned from.

While in the "normal" world, Shadow Aomi is susceptible to Banishment by prophets and to be Dispelled or Controlled by sorcerors.

Aomi has to be careful.

Q: What is Aomi's nature when in "shadow" form?
A: morality becomes a myth to shadow aomi, everything is practical to her. if something benefits, take it, use it. if it is not.. destroy it, flee.

Q: What does Aomi do in "shadow" form?
A: Aomi is not like other demons of her kind. Where a demon type is noted as eating their victims flesh or drinking their victims; blood, this is not for physical nourishment but to satisfy a spiritual craving or addiction. This is a CHOICE, Aomi CHOOSES not to feast but at times for "nourishment"
a being's essence will be "absorbed".

In any case, if Aomi is in shadow form it means her physical shell had been disposed of and will be usually trying to repair her body, mostly by plane shifting with her corpse.

Self preservation is the first instinct.

Q: Aomi can time/dimension travel?
A: to a limited degree, Aomi cannot just up and hurl herself into another world, another process has to occur first. She has to wholly throw herself into the places between rifts or in some cases make her own. However, Aomi mostly anchors herself to the plane that had spawned her in the first place.

Q: So what exactly is a Shekintari's "power?"
A: depends on what the demon is taught/experienced.
Shekintari usually end up fueling avatars of gods, dead gods, cults, etc and whatnot.

They are shadow demons not because they come out of the darkness or are dark appearing (some shekintari don't even look like shadows but of beings of light or grey masses) they are shadow demons because they are reflective, they amplify, they contort, blend around and most importantly, possession. You'd find a Shekintar in a well-lit area than a darkened place.

Q: Do Shekintari live in groups?
A: no, Shekintari tend to "live" on their own, if too many gather in one place they might absorb each other. It isn't unheard of that a group has formed but then, those would be well functioning Shekintari(have not lost their "minds") and are set to absorb or kill others of their own kind.

Q: What are shadow fragments?
A: some shadow demons split their forms into many many pieces in order to either swarm an enemy or to flee in many directions in hope that the fragments will form together again at some point. it is all a protective measure, to survive.
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