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What Would I Say?

Sat Nov 16, 2013, 5:20 PM
What Would I Say?

Hijacking my status from Facebook from earlier:  (What Would I Say app has inspired me to make use of Aomibot in some way, as a verison of Aomi that is in a permanent state of discombobulation, as in an abandoned android of sorts with only a 6% chance of actually making sense .)


There is an app for:bulletblue: Facebook that scrambles all of your statuses and comments and generates a status. In this case, :bulletblue: AomiBot was created and I’ve been inspired. IMMENSELY inspired. I’ve always wanted some type of A.I. /Droid/robot/cyborg/android/program/computer/machine of sorts aspect of Aomi and What Would I Say gave me Aomibot.

I made a sub-blog for Aomibot and I’ll be quoting the shenanigans from What Would I Say on there. I will also post drawings of Aomibot from time to time and a back story here and there to explain why Aomibot is the way it is. Aside from non-sequitur generation of quotes/statuses.

General information is that Aomibot is an abandoned contraption to be short.

My friend also gave me an idea that Aomibot could be stationed at a rather large facility that was suddenly evacuated , all sentient life gone,  there is plenty of debris. Aomibot had little understanding of what had happened and decided to  enter sleep-mode until everyone came back.

No one did except looters, Aomibot awoke to them getting vaporized by the intact security systems. After a brief status report, REALIZATION occurs for Aomibot and this isolation of course ‘traumatized’ Aomibot.  Aomibot is unclear what its purpose is originally, what functions it was to perform. It was made to do something but what? 

One thing is for certain, Aomibot is aware of massive errors within its program, complete diagnostics show Aomibot that it has the 6% chance of making sense if having the opportunity to communicate.

All in All Aomibot is in a state of permanent discombobulation.

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alton-nightshade Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
That sounds interesting.
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November 16, 2013